Female Candidiasis gallery


Vulval candida with fissures and excoriation. Painful and itchy.


Same patient after oral treatment with Fluconazole 150mg stat then 50mg daily for 2 weeks, along with clotrimazole HC ceam twice daily. This completely resolved the infection but recurrences are common. Patients should have treatments at home to start whenever they start to get symptoms.


Candida (arrowed) produce long hyphae (roots) that penetrate, so just putting on antifungal cream for a few days is not enough. Prolonged treatment is the key.


Examination of cervix showing ‘cottage cheese’ type discharge typical of candida.


Severe candida vulvitis, note the excoriation and redness

small budding yeast

Three small budding yeasts. One at 6 0’clock, one in centre and one at 10 o’clock